Is your device protected?


Today's borderless workers are always on and ready,
no matter where they are. But with that mobility,
are they ready for cyberattacks, data leaks, viruses,
human error, and all sorts of new and emerging dangers?


With Knox, they are.

At every layer, Knox ensures that confidential and sensitive data stays safe,
no matter where your work takes you.
Your entire device is safeguarded from the inside out, and in real time.
This is protection you can be sure of.

Secured from the chip up

In the past, anti-virus software may have been a "good enough" safeguard.

Not anymore. Now, threats have adapted.

They change form daily and can sneak past security apps undetected before hijacking the system from within.

That's why Knox defense starts at the hardware level. It locks intrusions out, so control of your phone won't be handed over to anyone else.


[Image] A safe within a safe for extra peace of mind
[Image] Complete ownership of the supply chain

Knox Vault* is an EAL5+ certified**, tamper-resistant environment that holds the data that matters most on your device. It physically isolates PINs, passwords, biometrics and security-critical keys away from the rest and stores them in the secure memory.

Even hackers armed with lasers and power glitch tactics cannot crack Knox Vault*. If its sensors detect physical intrusion, the device locks down*x*, leaving no way for your information to be stolen.

*Knox vault is supported by select Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets such as Galaxy S21 and following S series and Fold series.

**Knox Vault on devices with Samsung Exynos processors is EAL5+ certified. Knox Vault on devices with Qualcomm processors is EAL4+ certified.

***In the case of a device hijacking, the self-destruct sequence is initiated without user consent or additional backup of the security data stored in Knox Vault.

When it comes to risk assessments in the supply chain, there are no blind spots at Samsung.

In fact, we are in the unique position to design and manufacture our devices, including the components that go inside.

Ownership of the entire production lifecycle translates to complete control over the process and no weak links.

Protection that is always on

Do you remember the last time you turned your phone off... and then left it off?

It doesn't happen often. Normally, a simple restart gives your phone the protection of an automatic secure boot.

But like you, your device is always on. In the digital world, this means it's open to a wide array of attacks 24/7.

That's why Knox provides real-time protection even while your device is running.


[Image] RKP guards the integrity of powered-on devices
[Image] DEFEX deters abnormal app behavior

The kernel is the brain of your device. Full access to the kernel means full access to your phone.

As the core of your operating system, a successful breach of the kernel could lead to catastrophe. We're talking data leaks and even remote monitoring from the inside.

Samsung's Real-time Kernel Protection (RKP) is designed to prevent changes that compromise the kernel. With RKP, the kernel code and its data structures are kept authentic, and your device stays safe.

Between secure system boots, your apps need an extra layer of armor against unauthorized changes to app privileges.

Defeat Exploit, or DEFEX, prevents potential critical and illegal operations on your device by detecting and anticipating attacks.

Secured together

As device use increases, so do the cyberthreats.

Scoped from all angles, your software, hardware, networks, and operating systems are all targets in the battle for your data.

In order to stay ahead of lurking danger, we partner with the biggest names in tech, like Google and Cisco, to explore every scenario and correct potential vulnerabilities before they become a problem.


[Image] Secure at the core with Android
[Image] Safely connected with Cisco
[Image] A vigilant community at your side

By partnering with Google, Samsung Galaxy devices build upon Android’s hardened security platform and intelligent security services, like Google Play Protect.

This alliance paves the way for Samsung Knox to deliver additional government-grade hardware protections and critical controls that exceed the hardware and software expectations for business.

Public Wi-Fi delivers much needed access for users but it also carries some inherent risks.

That's why Samsung has joined forces with Cisco to provide seamless, secure Wi-Fi onboarding through OpenRoaming. When an OpenRoaming network is available, Samsung devices connect automatically without the need for added passwords or credentials.

Unique encryption secures the connection, preventing session hijacking or web snooping. With our open collaboration, public Wi-Fi is safe and reliable.

Tackling the waves of threats that emerge daily is a daunting task. And we don't expect to do it alone.

Instead, we team up with experienced researchers and partners in the cyberthreat community. Together with SoC providers, we designed our hardware processing unit.

For the latest intel, we engage with the Linux wider security research communities, academia, and mobile operators. And so worldwide, a strong network of observers is active and engaged in protecting Samsung devices from attack.

Mobile threats are not going away.

Are your work data, your employees, and your business fully protected?

Be sure they're secure with round-the-clock, end-to-end mobile security.

Protect them with Knox.

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