Knox Suite: Enterprise Mobility Solution

All-in-one enterprise mobility solution bundle.

Bundling of Knox products to effectively secure, deploy, manage, and analyze your devices throughout the entire enterprise mobility lifecycle.


Market-proven security to forward your business.

Because one vulnerability is all that is needed to take control of the device, Samsung Knox secures your device in every layer and at all times - with both built-in and managed security.

So you can focus on your business, no matter what.

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Samsung's mark of security


Setup devices for work instantly, across any environment.

Deployment and configuration made easy. Enroll thousands of work devices to your enterprise management quickly and easily, ensuring your fleet is ready for work from boot-up.


Comprehensive management over work devices and OS versions.

With features built to manage all stages of your device life cycle, ensure your devices for work are always under IT control. Improve your employee productivity with built-in tools, such as barcode scanning with Knox Capture. Anytime, anywhere, and in any industry.


Actionable insights for your business devices

Give IT admins visibility into the status of your phones and tablets out in the field, including how many devices are currently active, how they’re being used, and if they’re experiencing any performance issues.

Knox Suite bundles our key products in one enterprise mobility solution package

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Knox Mobile
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Remote device health attestation          
Government-grade data protection          
Advanced network security          
Streamlined out-of-the-box setup        
Flexible and secure enrollment options          
Efficient device staging in all environments          
Powerful device management          
Advanced software update management          
Flexible access to Knox features        
Smart barcode scanning          
Intelligent battery management          
Deep insights into device usage          
Maintain oversight of your whole fleet          
Knox Suite-exclusive

Access our best endpoint management solutions and more with Knox Suite

The Knox Suite license unlocks exclusive features and tools for easy and comprehensive management of your work devices. Knox Suite includes: Knox Authentication Manager, Knox Capture, Knox Mobile Enrollment Advanced Profile, shortcut access to Remote Support Tool, and more.


Helping a national supermarket chain improve productivity and manageability. 


Protecting the world’s history with today’s technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a free, fully-featured, 3-month trial of Knox Suite is available. The trial license will support up to 30 devices on a per-seat basis.

To start the trial, enter your email address under Get Started on the Knox solutions page and click GET A FREE TRIAL. Complete the signup process, and after you sign in to the Knox dashboard, click each Knox Suite product card that you would like to try.

First, start by registering target devices to the Knox servers to enable Knox products on the devices. Usually, your device reseller will register the purchased devices to the Knox servers on your behalf. When the devices are registered, you should sign in to the Knox dashboard and launch the Knox Admin Portal by clicking the card of a Knox cloud service that is included in Knox Suite. Then, you should define the desired policies or settings as for the registered devices. The devices receive and apply these configurations during their first boot.

For more information, see the Getting started with Knox Suite video and the Knox Suite admin guide.

Yes. You can upgrade or switch to Knox Suite while using an individual Knox cloud service. After you purchase a Knox Suite license from a Samsung Knox reseller, for Knox Manage and Knox E-FOTA you must update the license keys.

  • Knox Manage users — Replace your existing Knox Manage license key with the new Knox Suite license that you purchased. Select Knox Suite from the Organization or User settings pages. For more information, see Convert a license in the Knox Manage documentation.
  • Knox E-FOTA users — Replace your existing Knox E-FOTA license with the new Knox Suite license that you purchased. To replace the license, go to the unified License Management page on the Knox Admin Portal, enter the new Knox Suite license key you've purchased, select your existing Knox E-FOTA license key and then select Replace with a new Knox Suite license key. For more information, see Manage Knox licenses in the Knox Admin Portal documentation.
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