Knox for Kids Phone

Expand your market potential by creating and branding your own kids’ phone solution with Knox

Create kids-friendly devices quickly and at scale

Growing up with smart devices is becoming the norm. With Knox, it's easy to grasp the opportunity of the kids-friendly device market. Knox Configure is a solution that doesn't require extra coding. It's cost-efficient, customized and branded to set your solution apart from your competitors.


Turn everyday smartphones for kids into devices they will love.

[Image] The kids’ phone market is growing up

The kids’ phone market is growing up

The kids’ education market is seeing big growth in the mobile space, and kids are getting their first devices at a younger age.

While the economic opportunity is easy to spot, entering the market isn't quite so simple. The digital learning environment can’t reach its full potential without the right technologies, contents, and safeguards.

For mobile operators, educational content providers, or digital start-ups alike, Samsung Knox can help find the answer for your business.

Samsung Knox helped LG U+ become a market leader in kids’ phones

LG U+, one of South Korea’s top mobile operators, partnered with KIWI PLUS and Samsung Knox to bring a kids-themed phone to market. With the initial version being sold out within three months, LG U+ saw an increased subscription and revenue – confirming the success of the safe-for-kids smartphone concept. “Innovation and practicality are key to success in today’s smartphone market, ” says Chulhoon Byun, chief director at KIWI PLUS.
“ Using Knox Configure, we could cost-effectively transform a standard commercial smartphone into a custom children’s phone with safety features and content kids want. ” 

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[Image] Create your own UX for kids and more

Create your own UX for kids and more

Customize kids’ phones with Knox Configure. It’s easy to theme devices with fresh and creative designs, wallpapers, icons and layouts that parents and kids will love.

By adding branding, your auto-installed apps and contents, or even optional ‘allow-listing’ of URLs, the device experience becomes entirely yours to design. Create a user flow that best fits your type of audience, from study-only textbooks to everyday phones with just a touch of design.

[Image] Putting parents at ease in a super easy way

Putting parents at ease in a super easy way

If parents’ concern is a concern for your business, Knox Configure can help with no hassle. By utilizing the built-in Samsung Kids mode on Galaxy devices, you can customize and enable parental control tools on your devices. All applied remotely, right from the Knox Configure web console.

No need for ‘parental control’ app development for you, and no need for downloading apps for parents and kids. Now parents can relax and have the control they need, knowing that their kids’ smartphones are a source of inspiration, knowledge and fun.

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