Knox for Frontline

Smart solutions that boost field force productivity

Maximize productivity for your field force and IT teams. With Knox for Frontline field force management software, you can deploy, manage, repurpose, and secure Samsung phones and tablets with greater efficiency and ease.

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Spend less time staging and deploying

With Knox, your IT team can prepare thousands of devices effortlessly and automatically, so they’re ready to roll out for field operation faster.

  • Efficiently enroll and setup devices at a central location while fully utilizing your local network resources.
  • Get devices ready fast. Streamline out-of-the-box setup process by skipping unnecessary steps and connecting to pre-configured Wi-Fi.
  • Deploy in-depth configurations (powered by Knox Service Plugin) and apps to devices right away during initial boot-up. Available even before EMM enrollment.
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Continuity and stability for devices in field

Maximize uptime by ensuring your devices are always working as intended. Knox management tools give IT full visibility and control.

  • Optimize your team’s workflow by keeping track of device locations and setting specific, event-based policy enforcements with our field force management system.
  • Be confident your key app operates smoothly by having devices run on fully tested, optimal OS versions only. Update based on working hours, battery level, or connectivity – no worktime loss for your field team.
  • Get insights on device usage patterns and unexpected behaviors across battery, app, and connectivity. Set frictionless device usage habits throughout the work day and plan ahead on asset management cycle.
  • Remote access tool allows hands-on troubleshooting for devices out in field.
[Image] Repurpose


Optimal user experience catering to your needs

Transform your phones and tablets into dedicated field machines, powered with platform-level customizing features.

  • Lock devices to a specific business app so your field team can use devices without distraction. Available in single-app or multi-app modes.
  • Remap hardware keys to launch frequently used features. Create your own intuitive, user friendly interface and expedite your workflow.
  • Or simply transform smartphones into barcode scanners. Ready to use with your work app of choice without additional development.
[Image] Secure


Defense-grade protection, wherever your devices are

Keep your important work data safe across your devices out in the field, no matter on or off, or against theft and loss. While being privacy compliant for personal use.

  • Government-grade protection and encryptions provide always-on extra data security against threats and breaches, even in malicious hands.
  • Remote device health check gives IT a comprehensive view of security status, including system-level rooting and IMEI tampering across all devices.
  • Separate personal apps and data through the Android work profile, even on company-owned devices.

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Seamless central setup with offline/online/hybrid environment support          
Faster staging for IT          
Configuration features w/o EMMs          
GPS tracking / event based policy and more via EMMs        
OS version control          
Data analytics for asset management          
Remote support tool for hands-on troubleshooting          
Single- or Multi-app mode          
Hardware key mapping via EMMs        
Transform devices into smart scanner            
Defense-grade security management features via EMMs          

*Knox Suite includes Knox Platform for Enterprise, Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Manage, Knox E-FOTA, Knox Asset Intelligence, and Knox Capture


See how Knox Capture and Samsung devices help increase scanning productivity for the field, and efficiency for the IT team.

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