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Grow your subscriptions with a digital solution that works

The out-of-box digital tool turning the subscription model inside-out

Partnering with Samsung Knox can help your business overcome the challenges and make the shift frictionless. With Knox – our proven security foundation – and Knox Configure, you can easily create, customize and rebrand newspaper tablets that can grow your readership and retain the subscribers you already have.

[Image] Drive your digital transformation with digital subscriptions

Drive your digital transformation with digital subscriptions

In today's media landscape, competition for attention is rife. As readers are opting for free digital alternatives instead, traditional media revenue and subscriptions are facing a downward trend. More than ever, it's clear that media service providers need to encourage new and existing users to adopt their digital offerings.

Samsung Knox allows  your business to create branded smart devices with a tailored user experience. Increase your brand awareness, qualified sales leads, and user retention. Let your readers enjoy a digital newspaper experiece they won't forget.

Turning a single solution into thousands of new subscribers

One of Singapore's most prominent publishers partnered with Samsung Knox to transform a daily paper newspaper into a tablet newspaper. Within 18 months, they acquired 50,000 new online subscribers and, since then, have continuously expanded the service to include five newspapers. By charging the customer a mere $4 on top of the monthly subscription fee, they enabled their readers to access premium content and a brand new tablet.

One of Germany's largest digital periodical publishers, with a suite of multimedia news brands, promoted an online edition of their periodical with a free tablet. By including the tablet with a two-year subscription, the promotion not only increased online paid subscribers, but also enabled them to tap into new revenue streams through advertising.

[Image] It starts with endless customizations

It starts with endless customizations

Imagine a dedicated tablet that auto-launches your most loved publications and content, delivering a seamless experience and engaging your readers.

With Knox Configure, this can become a reality. From customized boot-up animations and wallpapers, pre-loaded contents, automated routines and much more - turn any Galaxy tablet into a genuinely bespoke device. All the reader needs to do is power it on.

[Image] Unlock the potential of a branded tablet for your business

Unlock the potential of a branded tablet for your business

Ushering readers from traditional media to digital is a challenge that is easily overcome with Samsung Knox. In our Business Edge Playbook, we outline how you can successfully migrate paper subscribers to online with a tablet-bundled offering at a fraction of the cost. Secure users with a tailored, two-way reading experience - laying the digital foundation to evolve with data insights.

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